Turbo Turf's 200 gallon brine sprayer with a 3 lane boom

Ice Control Sprayers are the wave of the future.

There is a revolution going on in controlling snow and ice on roads and parking lots. Ice Control Sprayers used for anti-icing and de-icing are reducing material and labor costs and making our roads and parking lots safer. Salt (sodium chloride) works best at temperatures at or just below freezing. Liquid products can be effective to temperatures as low as -25 degrees F. Usually salt is spread AFTER the storm hits. Liquid products can be effectively sprayed as much as a week BEFORE the storm. Liquids go into the pores of the road and won’t be thrown from the road. As much as 80% of salt and sand is thrown from the road and wasted. When applied before a storm the chemicals are under the snow and ice and prevent ice from forming a bond to the surface. If plowing is required plowing is easier and only slush not hard pack will remain. Salt is highly corrosive and harmful to vegetation. Liquid products can be much less harmful.

Turbo Turf builds great Ice Control Sprayers

Turbo Turf has tried to build the finest Ice Control Sprayers on the market. Units are available in 50 to 1600 gallon sizes with gas power, hydraulic power or 12 volt electric power. Booms are available to spray one lane or three lanes with in cab wired or wireless controls. GPS controllers are also available to automatically adjust the application rate to ground speed. Standard self-fill on gas and hydraulic units allow units to quickly fill themselves from a storage tank without needing a separate pump. Most units feature a bottom drain which allows the tank to empty completely;  The centrifugal pumps we use are e-coated to provide long life when using harsh chemicals. Frames well built from structural steel with fork slots for easy loading.  Frames are also available with a hot dip galvanized coating

200 Gallon electric ice control sprayer with one lane boom and controller.

200 gallon 12 volt electric brine sprayer

$ 2,890.00

300 Gallon gas ice control sprayer with three lane boom and controller.

200 gallon 12 volt electric brine sprayer

$ 7,085.00

725 Gallon gas ice control sprayer with 0ne lane boom and controller.

200 gallon 12 volt electric brine sprayer

$ 7,185.00

Convert your tote to a brine sprayer includes one lane boom and controller.

200 gallon 12 volt electric brine sprayer

$ 1,690.00

100 gallon 3 point hitch sprayer with 4 foot boom and controller

3 Pt Hitch brine sprayer

$ 2,195.00

100 gallon pull type system with 4 foot boom and controller

Turbo Turf Pull Type brine sprayer

$ 2,695.00

1000 gallon trailer type brine sprayer with 3 lane boom and controller

Turbo Turf Trailer Type brine sprayer

$ 17,985.00

BM-450 Brine Maker, make 450 gallons of brine in 25 minutes

Turbo Turf BM-450 Brine Maker

$ 4,995.00

Power Pack, convert your existing tank to a 3 lane brine sprayer with boom

Turbo Turf 3 Lane Power Pack


Convert your Turbo Turf Hydro Seeding to a one lane brine sprayer.

Turbo Turf HydroSeeding System

$ 1,290.00