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Turbo Turf's 500 gallon trailer mounted brine sprayer

Ice Control Sprayers/Anti-Icing sprayers are available in 300, 500, 750 925 and 1035 gallon sizes as trailer units.   Save loading and unloading and hook behind any vehicle.  Trailers are all double axel units with brakes on both axles.  For added convenience optionally the boom and hose reel can be operated with a wireless remote control to eliminate the problem of wires getting damaged.  Booms are available for one or three lane operation.  Units come with a 5.5 H.P. Honda Electric start engine and an Ace e-coated centrifugal pump.   The pump on unit can be used self-fill from a storage tank. Only a hose is needed and the unit will fill itself at about 100 gallons per minute.  Electric hose reel and boom shown above are optional.

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ICS-300   Suggested list price (Base Unit)   $ 6,695.00
ICS-500   Suggested list price (Base Unit)   $ 7,395.00
ICS-750   Suggested list price (Base Unit)   $ 9,595.00
ICS-925   Suggested list price (Base Unit)   $ 9,895.00
ICS-1035   Suggested list price (Base Unit)   $ 10,395.00



B1-1T    One lane Turret boom                      $ 495.00
B1-3TX  Turret boom w/ extender nozzles (3 lane) $ 995.00


BC-1    One lane wired in cab controller             $  385.00
BC-1RR  Wireless controller for one lane boom   $  550.00
BC-3   Three lane wired in cab controller             $ 1,295.00
BC-3RR  Wireless controller for 3 lane boom      $ 1,295.00
BC-3RRE 3 lane wireless with engine control $ 1,495.00
BC-RRT Extra transmitter for wireless $ 99.00
EC-3     Electronic controller, for GPS  3 lane      $ 3,695.00
BC-3X8    8′ extension for BC3 cable (std is 14′)    $  69.00
BC-3X15   15′ extension for BC3 cable (std is 14′)  $ 109.00

Hose/Hose Reel packages

ECHR   Economy hose package,  50′, holders, gun     $ 250.00
ICHR   Manual hose reel with 100′, gun, nozzle  $ 550.00
ICEHR  Electric hose reel with 100′ hose, gun     $ 995.00
ICHRSR  Spring Rewind reel w/ 50′ of 3/4″ hose  $ 895.00

Other Options

ICS-SB Surge Busters for tank Requires 10 for a 300 gallon tank, 16 for a 500 gallon tank, 24 for a 750 gallon tank and 32 for a 1000 gallon tank, $ 29.95 each
FM-S Flow meter for in line mounting on unit $ 349.00