Advantages of Turbo Turf Brine Sprayers  

Turbo Turf’s Anti-Icing Sprayers are designed to perform better than competitive units.  Here are some of the design features that set Turbo Turf apart.

Bottom Drain on Tanks

Many other companies use a flat bottom tank which is cheaper to build.  Typically they mount the suction line on the bottom of the face of the tank.   When spraying with units that have flat bottom tanks it is impossible to drain the tank.  There is always 2-3″ of material remaining in the tank.   Turbo Turf uses oval tanks on the 300, 500, 750 and 1000 gallon units and on the 50, 100 and 200 gallon units we use a square sprayer tank elevated and with a sump that allows them to drain completely.  Even the leg tanks we use are elevated so we can draw off the bottom.  With Turbo Turf Brine Sprayers empty means there is nothing left in the tank.

Turbo Turf's Brine Sprayers are built better


Many other companies use pumps that are designed for turf sprayers and are not ideal for an anti-icing sprayer.   Turbo Turf uses Ace E-coated centrifugal pumps with the gas engine and hydraulic powered units.  The pressures are ideal and will minimize misting yet deliver power for the most demanding applications. The Ace pump is E-Coated which makes it impervious to all chemicals used in the anti-icing and de-icing process.

Turbo Turf’s units with an electric pump have a much higher output without an excessive power drain.  The diaphragms in the electric pumps come with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.


Turbo Turf’s Anti-Icing / De-Icing sprayers have a frame made of structural steel for long life.   They have a front fork slot for easy loading and unloading.   As an option frames are available with a galvanized coating.   The frame is completely assembled and then hot dip galvanized so everything is coated.   Even stainless steel frames are not as weather protected because they lose the anti-rust protection at corners where they are welded or bent.


Turbo Turf’s boom selection is one of the best on the market.   Our most popular boom is the turret boom that allows the user to dial in one of three nozzle choices in seconds.   That way you can quickly go from a low speed nozzle for parking lots to a high speed nozzle for roads or can change from a fan nozzle to a 3 stream or straight nozzle.   Turning the nozzles half way shuts them off so if you want to go from the standard 5 nozzle set up to two nozzles spraying the wheel tracks to conserve material it is a quick and easy adjustment.    Extender nozzles convert the boom to 3 lane operation and allow spraying 28-32 feet in width while still maintaining the protection of a narrow profile. The three lane controller allows you to turn any section on or off independently.  Unlike many competitive units Turbo Turf’s booms are shielded on three sides to help keep rocks from coming up and breaking the nozzles, to help keep snow and ice from building up on the nozzles.  The boom slides into a standard 2 x 2 truck receiver and the height above the ground is fully adjustable.

Turbo Turf's 200 gallon brine sprayer with a 3 lane boom